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Blooming Flower Tea Set

Blooming Flower Tea Set

(rating: 4.1 out of 5)

Blooming Flower Tea Set is special for any occasions. It does not matter whether you are having a Bridal Shower Party, Spring Tea Party, picnic or any garden themed party Blooming Flower Tea is definately beautiful to be seen by your guests. Blooming Flower Tea is made to be enjoyed. This Blooming Flower Tea Set is also suitable as a gift set to your loved ones.

In water the leaves unfurl to create a completely different shape. Blooming Flower Tea slowly open to reveal a flower inside.

This Blooming Flower Tea Set comes with 10 absorted blooms of Flower Tea(randomly pick). To view design and bloom check out Blooming Flower Tea. If you want more you can choose for 20 blooms.

Price & Size :

Quantity :  

Other names:
Gong Yi Cha, Display Tea, Flower Tea

Brewing Guide:
We recommend using clear glass cup or wine glass for this tea. Rinse the tea cup with hot water. Use only one piece for each cup. Steep tea leaves in hot water at 70°c (158°F) to 80°c (176°F) for 1 to 2 minutes for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing.


I just loved it! Not only it is a beautiful way of serving tea with a flower in it but it also tastes good.

de (11/7/2007)

I loved the variety. And the price was excellent though I noticed it went up by 50% since I bought it last.

Nicole (12/28/2007)

Its very important to use cooler water at first with these, and then increase the temperature, or else the blooms become bitter. Its also a bad idea to let them get cold in water for several hours, since the liquor becomes horrifically bitter. Aside from those disclaimers, these teas have a full flavor that changes with the number of steepings, and the blooms are beautiful to watch unfold. A number of the blooms look similar, so youre never quite sure what show youre going to be surprised with. :]

Adeline (12/30/2007)

Product was great. However description online was wrong. They didnt inform me that the product was backordered, and they shipped it after I told them it was for Christmas and at that point would not receive it in time.

Elizabeth (3/15/2008)

Beautiful blooming flowers, wonderful display! Use a clear pitcher or glass for the full effect.

kathleen (6/19/2008)

Excellent tea with a beautiful display. Make a great add-on gift.

Leslie (11/8/2008)

Wonderfull to watch and drink. This tea has a great jasmine flavor. I bring it out every time company comes over for dinner.

James (11/8/2008)

The flowers are lovely to look at and the tea itself has a very nice jasmine fragrance. Unfortunately, my family and I found the actual taste to be much milder than we had hoped. A tea that is more for show as there are definitely better jasmine teas to be had.

Jennifer (7/12/2009)

I was very dissapointed by the way I receive my order. They shipped it to me in an yellow envelop, no facture and some of the flowers where broken. And the flower where so tiny.

Morgane (8/24/2009)

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