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Osmanthus Flower Tea

Osmanthus Flower Tea

(rating: 4.7 out of 5)

Osmanthus Flower Tea, This golden yellowish flower has a pleasant floral aroma. Its unforgettable aromatic fragrance that can be smelled from far away. Osmanthus Flower Tea is also used in the worlds most famous fragrances. A cup a day promotes beautiful skin.

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Other names:
Gui Hua

Delicate fruity-floral apricot aroma. One can drink it plain or blended with Green and Oolong teas, lending its sweetness and pleasant floral aroma.

Tiny, dried gold-orange Osmanthus flower buds. The infusion yields cups of sweet and refreshing liquor.

Guangxi Province

Brewing Guide:
Fill 1 teaspoon of Osmanthus Flower to a cup (225ml) of hot water at 80°c (176°F). Covered and steep it for 5 minutes. Suitable for multiple infusions.


I LOVE this product. Ive been adding a sprinkling of these little flowers to my oolong tea and the addition really brings out the honeyed notes and adds a brightness to each cup. I find that the fragrance is similar to the ligustrom trees that grow where I am from. The scent is beautiful and sweet. I highly recommend this tea.

nicole (8/28/2007)

love this tea, the aroma fills my whole kitchen

Kim (9/9/2007)

great tea

Wern (10/23/2007)

Very pretty color and whole flowers! The smell is interesting (sort of sharp), and the brewed liquid tastes somewhat like chicken broth: the flavor is low and deep. Its probably best to mix this with a sweetish tea (or any tea with high notes) to round out its flavor.

Adeline (12/13/2007)

My favorite flower tea I ordered.

Matthew (3/16/2009)

Smells delightful and sweet like apricots from the package. If you like drinking chrysanthemum tea on its own then you will probably love this tea for its great aroma. While nice on its own, it is even better with green tea or oolong. Just add according to your own tastes and your usual chinese tea is transformed. I cant believe it took me so long to try this. If you want to try a few of the herbal teas i would recommend: osmanthus, white chrysanthemum, jasmine, rose and jujube.

Kenny (12/26/2009)

Osmanthus flowers are so scented and good, I added them to my green tea...amazing.

Francesca (9/9/2012)

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