About Teacuppa

Brewing happiness, one cup at a time

Meet the Founder

Hi there! My name is Ling, and I'm the founder of Teacuppa. I've been involved in the Chinese tea business for nearly two decades, and I'm passionate about sharing my love of tea with the world.

My love of tea began when I was a child. My grandmother would often brew me a cup of tea before bed, and I would savor the warm, earthy flavor. As I got older, I began to learn more about the different types of Chinese tea and their unique properties. I was fascinated by the rich history and culture of Chinese tea, and I wanted to share this knowledge with others.

That's why I started Teacuppa. I wanted to create a place where people could find high-quality Chinese tea and learn more about the benefits of drinking tea. I personally taste every tea that we sell, so you can be sure that you're getting the best possible cup of tea.

I invite you to browse our wide selection of Chinese teas, from green tea to black tea to pu-erh tea. In addition to our regular teas, we also offer a variety of herbal teas, such as Chinese red jujube, wolfberry, and many more. I'm confident that you'll find the perfect tea for your taste.

If you have any questions about Chinese tea, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to help people learn more about this wonderful beverage.

Our Teas: Sourced Directly from the Farmers

When we first started Teacuppa, we bought our teas from a supplier in Guangzhou, a major center of Chinese tea trade. We were happy with the freshness and quality, but we wanted to offer our customers more variety and to have a better understanding of the origins of our products.

So, we started by building relationships with tea growers in China, and now all of our teas come directly from the farmers who carefully cultivate them. We import and ship directly from the source, so you can enjoy the freshest cup possible.

We're proud to offer our customers authentic Chinese teas from the best tea gardens in China. We're confident that you'll love the taste, freshness, and quality of our teas.