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Herbal Tea


White Chrysanthemum is one variety of chrysanthemum, known as Hang Bai Ju is said by experts to have healthcare properties. Ancient people believed that White Chrysanthemum, which was able to endure very cold weather, must have attracted "the soul of the sky and earth" -certainly a health benefit.
A book from the time of the Han Dynasty (206-220 BC) said there used to be a village named Gangu in Central Chinas Henan Province where people drank from a nearby stream that contained the petals of chrysanthemums. The petals had fallen into the stream up in the mountains and all the villagers lived to a great age, some as long as 130 years.

White Chrysanthemum Tea was also used as a tribute to imperial court in late Ming early Qing period. It was named as Jinzhu tribute chrysanthemum. White Chrysanthemum Tea isa pleasant and cooling tea. It helps to detoxicate, relieve rheumatic pains and is a natural green drink popular everywhere in China.