Herbal Teas

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Herbal Tea


Hawthorn Tea is an excellent remedy for insomnia and balances blood pressure. Hawthorn fruits contain flavonoids, fatty and essential oils, tannins, sugars, and vitamins C and B. They have a calming, sedative effect and are therefore recommended in treating arterial hypertension, headaches, and heart disorders with a nervous substrate. Hawthorn calms the sensations of heaviness around the heart, and regulates the heart rate. Infusion of this plant heals migraines and disorders related to menopause, balances blood pressure, and cures pectoral angina and disturbances caused by the menstrual cycle.

Hawthorn helps in cases of anemia, states of weakness, old age, and serious illness, and it is an adjuvant in bronchial asthma. As a remedy against insomnia, one cup of hawthorn infusion is recommended before bedtime.